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Very Important to all Anglers

Please study this map as we are in a sensitive marine area.

The reserve areas are:

Pondoland MPA: No offshore fishing is allowed in the area bounded by a line running 128 degrees from the southern head of the SikombeRiver, a line running 128 degrees from the northern head of the MboytiRiver and the 1000m isobath.
The Trafalgar Marine Protected Area: Runs between the N1 beacon on Centre rocks and the N2 beacon on the southern boundary on the Mpenjati resort extending one nautical mile seawards from the high water mark.

Any fisherman belonging to the Marlin Ski-Boat Club caught transgressing the regulations pertaining to the MPA’s will be banned from the club and further action will be taken DETA, Eastern Cape Parks Board or Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife.

The future of launch site is in YOUR hands and could be closed if these boundaries are not adhered to.
Please if you would like to Launch your Boat and are unfarmiliar with the Launch Site then please have a chat to our Barman in the Club who will introduce you to a local Member/Ski Boat Fisherman and they will glady tell you about the Launch and what to do.

Currently Non Members pay R100 per launch and the launch Register has to be filled in prior to launching.